Decanter World Wine Award 2019

This year our cellar is “golden” at the biggest wine tasting in the world!

Our cellar has proven its amazing quality and knowledge yet again this year at the biggest wine tasting in the world- at the Decanter in London.
We have proven that our cellar is a proud member of the best wine makers in the world as we have won 12 awards at the Decanter this year.  This year participation was at its peak as  there was more than  17.000 samples of wine tasted from 57 different states.
This year we got golden medal for DO brut Fermint 2015 (95 points), silver for wines DP brut Rose 2016 (91 points) and Fermint 2018 (91 points) six of our wines were awarded with the bronze medal : DP Brut 2012 (87 points) Sauvignon Vajgen 2017(87 points) Traminec 2018 (86 points) Blue Pinot Vajgen 2013 (86 points) and The Ren Riesling 2017( 87 points). The name wine with a recommendation have received our Laški riesling 2018 (85 points) our Ren riesling 2018 ( 84 points)  and our Sauvignon V 2015 (84 points).  
»With these received awards we solidify our quality and correct decisions each year as well as changes we apply to our Dveri- Pax cellar throughout the year. Knowledge and quality are something we wish to constantly improve and amaze wine lovers all over the world which is our biggest challenge. We are never still and we never will be. Wine lovers you should expect the absolute best from us!«,
Enologist and general manager of Dveri-Pax, Danilo Flakus.